Choose possibility in every route.

Expand your business capacity

Truckload services keep capacity flowing and allow you to move more goods.
We optimize truckload services to ensure easy transportation for your cargo, with an eye toward on-time delivery and great customer service. Vertex provides the regular, committed capacity to your supply chain, backed by a full suite of technologies that gives 360-degree cargo visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our truckload services are designed to help you keep expenses under control while easily reacting to changing shipping demands.

We work directly with the industry’s best-experienced carriers to ensure that your goods are delivered safely, securely, and in compliance.

We’ll work with you to develop specialized truckload shipping plans that solve your problems, regardless of your business’s needs and seasonality or the nuances of your sector.

Supporting your business,
one truckload at a time

Committed capacity

Our strong carrier partnerships enable us to provide asset-like truckload services, such as high-volume freight programs, drop-and-hook capabilities, and exceptional performance, ensuring consistent service throughout your supply chain.

Transactional & spot capacity

We detect and close gaps in your supply chain by utilizing long-standing carrier connections to locate available truck capacity, resulting in faster response times and tailored capacity.

Customized solutions

We cooperate with you to build and deploy scalable truckload services that perfectly match your overall logistics strategy, based on a rigorous assessment of your network and unique shipping needs.